Relive older YouTube layouts using Piped!*

*These are recreations, so it's not 100% accurate, but very close. Also, this only lets you find for and watch videos.

Step 1:

Windows XP and Pale Moon (Mypal, Basilisk):

Open this Greasemonkey XPI, install the add-on and restart your browser.

Modern Firefox or Windows XP and Mypal '68:

Get Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.

Modern Google Chrome:

Get Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey.

Step 2:

Early 2008

Late 2009

Early 2013


Step 3 (optional):

If you prefer Light Mode or if you're using the 2009 theme, then go to Piped and set the theme to Light.

Step 4:

Go to Piped's main page, and enjoy!

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Some background music: